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Logging and debugging

The Nostr::Client class provides built-in logging functionality to help you debug and monitor client interactions with relays. By default, the client uses the ColorLogger, which logs events in color. However, you can customize the logging behavior or disable it entirely.

Disabling logging

To instantiate a client without any logging, simply pass logger: nil when creating the client instance:

client = nil)

This will disable all logging for the client.

Formatting the logging

The Nostr::Client::Logger class is the base class for logging functionality. It defines the following methods for logging different events:

  • on_connect(relay): Logs when the client connects to a relay.
  • on_message(message): Logs a message received from the relay.
  • on_send(message): Logs a message sent to the relay.
  • on_error(message): Logs an error message.
  • on_close(code, reason): Logs when the connection with a relay is closed.

You can create your own logger by subclassing Nostr::Client::Logger and overriding these methods to customize the logging format.

The Nostr::Client::ColorLogger is a built-in logger that logs events in color. It uses ANSI escape codes to add color to the log output. Here's an example of how the ColorLogger formats the log messages:

  • Connection: "\u001b[32m\u001b[1mConnected to the relay\u001b[22m #{} (#{relay.url})\u001b[0m"
  • Message received: "\u001b[32m\u001b[1m◄-\u001b[0m #{message}"
  • Message sent: "\u001b[32m\u001b[1m-►\u001b[0m #{message}"
  • Error: "\u001b[31m\u001b[1mError: \u001b[22m#{message}\u001b[0m"
  • Connection closed: "\u001b[31m\u001b[1mConnection closed: \u001b[22m#{reason} (##{code})\u001b[0m"

Plain text logging

If you prefer plain text logging without colors, you can use the Nostr::Client::PlainLogger. This logger formats the log messages in a simple, readable format without any ANSI escape codes.

To use the PlainLogger, pass it as the logger option when creating the client instance:

require 'nostr/client/plain_logger'

client =

The PlainLogger formats the log messages as follows:

  • Connection: "Connected to the relay #{} (#{relay.url})"
  • Message received: "◄- #{message}"
  • Message sent: "-► #{message}"
  • Error: "Error: #{message}"
  • Connection closed: "Connection closed: #{reason} (##{code})"

By using the appropriate logger or creating your own custom logger, you can effectively debug and monitor your Nostr client's interactions with relays.