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Recommend Server

The Recommend Server event, has a set of tags with the following structure ['e', <event-id>, <relay-url>, <marker>]


  • <event-id> is the id of the event being referenced.
  • <relay-url> is the URL of a recommended relay associated with the reference. Clients SHOULD add a valid <relay-URL> field, but may instead leave it as ''.
  • <marker> is optional and if present is one of 'reply', 'root', or 'mention'. Those marked with 'reply' denote the id of the reply event being responded to. Those marked with 'root' denote the root id of the reply thread being responded to. For top level replies (those replying directly to the root event), only the 'root' marker should be used. Those marked with 'mention' denote a quoted or reposted event id.

A direct reply to the root of a thread should have a single marked 'e' tag of type 'root'.

Recommending a server

recommend_server_event = user.create_event(
  kind: Nostr::EventKind::RECOMMEND_SERVER,
  tags: [